Comment on Why doesn't Google validate? An open letter

This is a particularly apt place to mention that I can't stand the coding on YOUR site. Well, only one thing in particular: I just typed a big comment to this entry, and then I went back to my main browser window to look at some other sites, and then I went back to your main site and clicked on "Comments".

Baf! There goes my painstakingly crafted comment! Und ze back button does nussink! NUSSINK! Agh!
Hmmm... Are you saying that the problem is that the comments window opens into the same window? Or that it doesn't check to see if the comments window is already open and (if so) refocuses to it? Actually, I'm gonna guess that your beef is with the comments being in a separate window in the first place, right? I can see the problem, although, in my defense I did do so for the sake of accessibility. Specifically, storing the actual address of the comments window in the href rather than a javascript command, and using "onclick" to go to the comment. The upside of this is that you can right-click on the comments link to open it in another tab, which will generally solve the problem you experienced, as well as allowing you to pretend I'm not using a pop-up window.
Oh, and while we're at it, let's please make a distinction between the coding and the functional design. This is important. The HTML of the site itself (especially in the context of this posting) is, in all humility, beautiful beyond words. The specific functioning of the site is debatable.
I don't like that the comments open in another tab*, but that's not that I was complaining about. It's the second thing... refocusing the comments window, thereby deleting whatever might be in the text box.

* - right-click? I ctrl-click to open a new tab, and your site does not take kindly to such behavior. (Why right-clicking/"Open Link in New Tab" and ctrl-clicking behave differently is a question for the Firefox gods.)

Sorry I'm such a crank today.

And your point about coding vs. function is taken.
Okay, help me out here. Please relate the beauty of both the codeing of the google homepage and the coding of this page to famous women and their looks. On a scale of Barbra Streisand (being the lowest) to say Keira Knightley.

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